Covid-19 Pandemic Information

To Our Valued Clients

A quick message to our valued clients to keep you abreast of how we’ve adapted our business processes to try to balance keeping your tax returns moving, while doing our best to ensure the safety of our staff and communities. 

Currently, all our staff are continuing to work full tax season hours…with some now working from home, leaving reduced staff in the office. 

THE BIG CHANGE….starting last week, we are now limiting office access only to staff, and will be interacting with clients as follows: 

  • To bring work into us – we prefer information be sent in via email or snail-mail. Where this is not possible, we will ask that you knock on the door (or call the office) and we will have someone meet you outside to accept your work (while maintaining recommended social distancing). 
  • Copies to clients and signing papers – these will be emailed or mailed to you, depending on your preference. They can be sent back via email or snail-mail. 
  • Meetings with partners – these will be by telephone. 
  • Paying our invoice – we accept e-transfer, cheque, or you can call in with your credit card info. 

With the above changes to our work arrangements, we have seen a slowdown in our usual turnaround times during the busiest portion of our year. With that, we are asking clients to send their work into us as soon as possible to help us best manage our workflow. Although CRA has granted an extension to file tax returns, our tax season has always gone to June 15th due to all the self-employed clients we work with, so postponing now will just add more pressure on our staff as the season progresses. 

We‘d like to end by thanking each of you for doing your part to address this most unusual situation we all find ourselves in. This is one of those times that we can be most thankful we work and live in small towns, where we all support each other so everyone can weather storms as successfully as possible. 

Chris Henderson, CPA, CA 

Dustin Stadnyk, CPA, CA 

Nathalie Merrill, CPA, CMA 

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